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For over 17 years, we have specialized in custom handcrafted futon and bedding inspired by Japanese tradition. Our tatami platform beds, futon frames, and bedding are made locally with detailed craftsmanship and all natural materials. We offer a full range of customizable options so you can design the perfect bed set for your needs. We offer local delivery and assembly, and can ship to anywhere in the U.S.

 Classic Tatami Bed in Cherry

Classic Tatami Bed in Cherry


Our wooden platform beds are made with FAS-grade hardwood and designed to be used with Japanese tatami mats, but they can also be used with regular mattresses and boxsprings. We offer four different styles:

Classic Bed: Our classic style is a solid frame made from one type of wood, available in your choice of Maple, Cherry, Oak, or Walnut.

Traditional Bed: Our traditional style features a contrasting border inlay in a darker wood.

Kata Bed: Our classic style with the addition of a headboard.

Hako Bed: Our traditional style with the addition of built-in drawers for storage.

Available in Single/Twin, Double/Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and custom sizes.


Our tatami mats are approximately 2.25" thick, made with 100% straw covered in woven reed. They can be used with our tatami platform beds, directly on top of the floor, or they can be used as flooring itself.

Available sizes: Standard (35.5x71"), Half-size (35.5x35.5"), Single (39x75"), Double (set of 2 mats; 54x75"), Queen (set of 2 mats; 60x80"), King (set of 2 mats; 72x84").  

 Handcrafted Futon

Handcrafted Futon


Our futon are comfortable, breathable, and an eco-friendly alternative to mattresses. All our futon are made from natural materials such as organic cotton, regular cotton, lambswool, and natural shiki foam. You can choose your preferred material and number of layers. For recommendations, please call us at 925-299-0882.


Our comforters and sleeping pillows are made from natural cotton and lambswool and provide comfortable warmth in all seasons.

We make the following:

  • Futons and futon covers

  • Comforters and comforter covers, duvet covers, and bedspreads

  • Flat sheets, fitted sheets, and bed skirts

  • Sleeping pillows and pillow shams

  • Buckwheat hull pillows

  • Bolsters, headboard pillows, back rest pillows, and throw pillows

 Queen Bi-Fold Futon Frame in Walnut

Queen Bi-Fold Futon Frame in Walnut


Our durable, handcrafted wooden futon frames are made to order from your choice of Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut.

Bi-Fold Futon Frame: Ideal for most rooms, this frame takes up the same amount of space as a sofa but can be folded down to create a comfortable bed.

Tri-Fold Futon Frame: Ideal for smaller spaces, this frame can be positioned as a chair, lounger, and bed.

Available in Single/Twin, Double/Full, and Queen sizes.

Chair arms are optional and available in three different styles: Classic, Northbay, and Craftsman.

 Custom Futon with 3 Backrest Pillows

Custom Futon with 3 Backrest Pillows


For comforter covers and futon covers, you can choose from our large collection of high quality fabrics from Japan and Europe and let us help you create your own unique design. Each cover includes a side zipper to make it easy to remove and wash. We pair all patterns with a 100% solid cotton sateen fabric in your choice of color. This fabric is soft, durable, and the color stays vivid and true even after years of regular wash.